PLANNING     WORKS   OF THE   BHARAT SCOUTS   & GUIDES K.V. No.-1 A.F.S. KALAIKUNDA.(2015-16 )  O=====================================O==O=======================================O

1.APRIL=(2015) The  names of the eligible scouts  and  guides  for the  RAJYA  PURASKAR  TESTING  CAMP-2015   was  sent  to the    REGIONAL  OFFICE   KVS KOLKATA.   12 SCOUTS & 08 GUIDES.   As   per the letter from  HQ  & RO   the names  of the eligible SCOUTS & GUIDES  have  been  prepared  for RASHTRAYAPATI AWARD 2015 & it  will be sent  to the  R. O. KOLKATA   before  15th  of this  month. COURT  OF  HONOUR  MEETING  (C.O.H.)                                                 

2 .MAY=RAJYA PURASKAR TESTING    CAMP -2015   was held   from 04/05/2015 to 08/05/2015 at   K.V. CHITTARANJAN.  07 SCOUTS  AND  06 GUIDES OF OUR  VIDYALAYA  ATTENDED THE CAMP. Collection  of  names   of  CUBS,  BULBULS,  SCOUTS  &  GUIDES   Is  collected  for the   registration  in this    session  2015—16   as per   the   letter  will  be received   from  the Regional  Office.

3.JUN=List of the CUBS ,BULBULS, SCOUTS  AND   GUIDES  will  be final  for the  GROUP  Registration  of  the UNIT   and  for   the   members  of  the   unit  SWAMI  VIVEKANANDA( S)  &  RANI  LAXMIBAI  (G).                     

4.JUL=(2015)Group  registration will  be held  in this month as per the calendar  activity  of the   B S& G  as  soon as the   letter will  be received from  Regional  Office ,  Kolkata. C.O.H  meeting  will be held. 

5.AUG=The school  level   testing  camp will  be held  in this month for the  PRAVESH , PRATHAM  SOPAN &  DWITIYA  SOPAN     for  two  days only as per the instruction  of the KVS  HQ/  KVS  RO.

6.SEP=PRIME  MINISTER SHIELD  COMPETITION  will be started  in the month  of JULY-2015  and also  the  other   activities  in the related  to PMSC   will  be  held. 

7.OCT=(2015)Some social works will be done in this  month  during  DURGA  PUJA  &  KALIPUJA .PTL.LDR  TESTING  CAMP  & TROOP  LEADER/COMPANY  LEADER   TESTING  CAMP  may  be held .C.O.H. meeting.

8.NOV=Observation of FOUNDATION  DAY/FLAG  DAY  on 7th NOV   will  be held in the as  usual  as per the instruction   of  the   KVS  RO/  KVS  HQ   and collection  for the same  will be done.

9.DEC=RASHTRAPATI  AWARD   TESTING  CAMP-2015 may  be held  in this  month   or in the month  of  JAN-2016  as per the selection of the SCOUT S & GUIDES.

10.JAN=(2016)  TROOP MEETING/COMPANY  MEETING will be held  in this month for the advancement    of the  UNIT   activities.  COURT OF HONOUR (C.O.H.) meeting  may be held.

11.FEB=Observation of   THINKING DAY /B.P.”S BIRTH DAY on 22nd will be held as usual as per the letter of the KVS RO/ KVS HQ  and the activities will be held as per instruction.


12.MAR=Activities  of the year will  be  analyzed    and   planning for the session 2016-17 will be  prepared as per KVS RO/KVS HQ instruction will be received.